ECOLUX Push L   –   Glass covers for deep-freeze islands

with frameless four-part glass panels that can be pushed backwards


Maximum access depth with a 4-panel design

  • Four sliding panels allow a combination of maximum
    access depth and a module width of 1.25 m
  • State-of-the-art slide technology allows easy customer access and enables fast filling by personnel
  • Energy saving potential of up to 50%
  • More constant cooling temperatures and considerably reduced weekly defrosting phases aid compliance with the LMHV (German food hygiene regulations)
  • Intelligent lighting technology – optional external handrail lighting with T5 tubes or internal/external LED lighting
  • Rapid return on investment due to substantial reduction of the energy consumption
  • Screwed handles and heat-reflecting glass elements with a homogenous, wave-free surface offer safety, consistent product quality and good presentation of merchandise
  • ECOLUX Push L can be retrofitted on all refrigerated cabinet models from major European manufacturers