ECO SEMI S   –   glass covers for semi-verticals

bent glass covers with single-glazed 6 mm thick glass
featuring a heat-reflecting coating on the inside of the cabinet


  • Energy savings are the prime focus of ECO SEMI – significant reduction in operating costs
  • The investment quickly pays for itself
  • Roller-guided, frameless glass sliding elements – optionally available as single glass or insulating glass variants
  • Effortless opening and closing – a specially developed roller system ensures smooth sliding
  • Constant cooling temperatures for your products, as the sides are completely closed off
  • Simple cleaning for full transparency and attractive design – movable top profile allows tilting/removal of the front panels by service personnel
  • Climate protection – enhanced image of your store – environment-oriented concepts are popular with customers
  • Simple conversion and retrofit on all common refrigerated cabinet models from major manufacturers thanks to modular design
  • Retrofit kits with T5 fluorescent tubes or LED modules in the form of canopy lighting and undershelf lighting for optimal presentation of merchandise
  • The curvature of the glass elements is, of course, elegantly adapted to the refrigerated cabinet

For your safety and the safety of your customers all glass panels are tempered safety glass according to DIN EN 12150.