ECO SEMI  T   –   glass covers for semi-verticals

with bent glass covers made of insulated glass with single-glass look


Design combined with high technology

Innovation from PAN-DUR: T-Rand – Visually transparent composite for insulating glass

PAN-DUR develops a transparent sealing compound for manufacturing insulating glass doors with transparent edging. With this manufacturing process, PAN-DUR has succeeded in producing insulating glass doors with a single-glass look



  • Unobstructed view of the products without disruptive light reflections
  • The shopping experience is made even more direct and intensive for your customers
  • Energy saving with ECO SEMI D AR delivers a significant reduction in your operating costs
  • The investment quickly pays for itself
  • Roller-guided, frameless glass sliding elements – optionally available as single glass or insulating glass variants
  • Effortless opening and closing – a specially developed roller system ensures smooth sliding
  • Constant cooling temperatures for your products, as the sides are completely closed off
  • Simple cleaning for full transparency and attractive design – movable top profile allows tilting/removal of the front panels by service personnel
  • Climate protection – enhanced image of your store – environment-oriented concepts are popular with customers
  • Simple conversion and retrofit on all common refrigerated cabinet models from major manufacturers thanks to modular design
  • Retrofit kits with T5 fluorescent tubes or LED modules in the form of canopy lighting and undershelf lighting for optimal presentation of merchandise
  • The curvature of the glass elements is, of course, elegantly adapted to the refrigerated cabinet
  • For your safety and the safety of your customers all glass panels are hardened on DIN EN 12150.