ECO DOOR D   –   glass covers for wall multidecks

with frameless hinged glass doors made of insulated glass


Superior technology with excellent design

  • Energy savings about 70% or more in the cabinet – your investment quickly pays for itself – you play an active role in protecting the climate
  • PAN-DUR insulating glass doors do not require frame heating for refrigeration applications
  • Both layers of insulating glass in the laminated unit are tempered in accordance with DIN EN 12150 and have a heat-reflecting Low E coating
  • PAN-DUR has developed a door positioning mechanism “without fittings”. This gives service personnel “hands-free” access for filling – your customer benefits from the robust, spring-free self-closing mechanism
  • Screwed handles increase safety and are easy to maintain
  • Hinges are invisibly integrated into the laminated insulating glass unit
  • Consistent quality of merchandise due to improved temperature stability
  • All refrigerated multideck models from major manufacturers can be retrofitted with or converted for use with ECO Door


Frameless hinged glass doors for refrigerated multidecks – AR- with Anti-reflective Option

Further available variants:

    Insulating glass with 4 anti-reflection coatings
  • ECO DOOR D AR Plus
    Insulating glass with 4 x AR + 1 x low-e with anti-reflection properties