PURE cool LUX Push   –   refrigerated cabinet design for deep-freeze islands

with frameless two-part glass panels that can be pushed backwards



Pure lightness and transparency due to glass and light

  • Frameless sliding and top glass panels without thermal bridges with a PUSH function
  • Frameless side panels with 3-layer insulating glass, made of high-quality tempered laminated safety glass
  • Minimized aluminum profile protects the glass edges
  • New removable display and price scanner design for simple and convenient exchange of price labels and variable article-related display advertising in digital form on a wide range of monitors
  • Glass skirting below the panorama panels with backlit hinged display surfaces for exchangeable advertising and/or decorative motifs
  • New LED lighting concept with various options of illumination for a perfect presentation of the merchandise
  • Easy, hygienic cleaning of the glass surfaces