PURE Cool SEMI T    –    refrigerated cabinets design for semi-verticals

with repeatedly bent glass covers made of insulated glass with single-glass look




Design combined with high technology

Innovation from PAN-DUR: T-Rand – Visually transparent composite for insulating glass

PAN-DUR develops a transparent sealing compound for manufacturing insulating glass doors with transparent edging. With this manufacturing process, PAN-DUR has succeeded in producing insulating glass doors with a single-glass look


  • Transparent vertical edging of the frameless insulating glass panels gives a perfect single-glass look.
  • No color change in the glass composite.
  • Total transparency permits first-class merchandise presentation and offers a transparent overview of the merchandise assortment.
  • Special glass bending technology allows for an optimized shape of the sliding glass elements, improves the cool air flow within the cabinet, uses less energy and minimizes the danger of condensation build-up. And incidentally, the lengthening of the display shelves increases their load volume by approximately 15%.
  • Stable and sturdy glass panels as the upper portion of the cabinet – completely made of tempered safety glass – communicate lightness through transparency.
  • Unimpeded view of the merchandise through sliding panels and top glass panels that are frameless and without thermal bridges, made of 6 mm tempered safety glass. Continuous form-fit contour with the side panels, eliminating the need for additional profile elements.
  • In the top section, the sliding panels are float-mounted and can therefore compensate for any settling of the top section
  •  The new LED lighting concept in the top and base sections gives the optical
  • LED lighting elements can be optionally integrated
  • On the display shelves
  •  In the lower guide profile
  • As decorative lighting in the top glass element and base section
  •  Closing mechanism with a stop function and self-closing feature
  • Tested in climatic room for energy efficiency and for ensuring merchandise temperature
  • Smooth-running sliding elements, guide profiles and mechanical components are in a concealed installation so that the glass look is not disrupted at any point
  •  Particularly easy and hygienic cleaning of the glass surfaces