PURE cool DOOR F touch   –  refrigerated cabinet design for wall multidecks

with frameless folding glass doors



The new folding glass door concept

  • The F touch rotating and folding door is the logical further development of the mechanical option
  • Frameless folding glass doors without thermal bridges for a maximum of optical lightness


Special safety features

  • Sensor technology based on service-proven state-of-the-art technology used in the automotive industry
  • Individually adjustable photoelectric barrier technology prevents unwanted closure by immediate disconnection of the power
  • In the event of a power failure, the doors can be operated by hand
  • No obstacle to selling off the merchandise


Technology and design systematically developed

  • Frameless 3-layer insulating glass side panels made of high-quality tempered laminated safety glass
  • Canopy glass elements as presentation surfaces for backlit displays
  • New LED lighting concept in the top and base sections with a wide range of lighting options for optimal merchandise presentation
  • Sensor technology allows the frameless glass doors to slide moothly open and closed