PURE cool DOOR SL   –   Refrigerated cabinet design for wall multidecks

with frameless sliding doors made of insulated glass

optional with T-Edge as PURE cool DOOR SL T



Optimized mechanism and pioneering glass design

  • Glass doors made of a high-quality ISO composite. On request supply of insulating glass doors as a 4-layer anti-reflective variant
  • Frameless 3-layer insulating glass side panels made of high-quality tempered laminated safety glass
  • Canopy glass elements as presentation surfaces for backlit displays
  • New LED lighting concept in the top and base sections with a wide range of lighting options for optimal merchandise presentation
  • An optimal opening dimension at the top, together with a low loading sill, allows optimal filling and removal of merchandise
  • Slide surfaces in the base section are installed out of sight
  • Door opening mechanism with soft stops and an integrated magnetic holding function when the door is open
  • Easy, hygienic cleaning of the glass surfaces


Optional with T-Edge  –  Innovation from PAN-DUR
Visually transparent composite for insulating glass