PURE cool DOOR T   –   refrigerated cabinet design for wall multidecks

Insulating glass rotating doors with the transparency of single glass



Design combined with high technology

Innovation from PAN-DUR: T-Rand – Visually transparent composite for insulating glass

PAN-DUR develops a transparent sealing compound for manufacturing insulating glass doors with transparent edging. With this manufacturing process, PAN-DUR has succeeded in producing insulating glass doors with a single-glass look


  • First-class merchandise presentation and optimum overview
  •  Insulating glass doors with transparent edging are made of a high-quality ISO composite – filled with air or alternatively argon gas. Also in 4-fold anti-reflective version on request
  • Glass doors guarantee temperature security for the best merchandise quality and can be combined with vertical LED lighting
  • Frameless sidewalls in double insulating glass, made of high-quality tempered safety glass
  • Base section with fold-down glass apron made of tempered safety glass and glass doors in one plane for a continuous glass look
  • Variably adjustable display insert in the base section – with optional with LED backlighting
  • Top elements made of glass as presentation area for backlit displays
  • The new LED lighting concept in the top and base sections allows a wide range of lighting options for optimal merchandise presentation
  • Easy, hygienic cleaning of the glass surfaces

Further plus points:

A completely new generation of frameless, self-closing rotating glass doors without thermal bridges are used

  • With anti-reflective glass panels on request:
  • Single glass look by using transparent sealing compound
  •  Integrated stop function at an opening angle of 90°
  •  Integrated magnetic holding function when closed
  • Stainless all-metal or metal-reinforced door bearings
  • Screw-on handles
  • (see data sheet)