Kühlmöbel-Einhausungen aus Glas im LEH

2017 – Innovation   |  Refrigerated cabinet enclosures made of glass as customer-specific products

PAN-DUR develops new shopfitting concepts for the refrigeration area in food retail market

The FrischeCenter Zurheide in Düsseldorf, an example of perfect refrigerated cabinet enclosures as customer-specific products.

Here, made-to-measure glass elements produced in-house were combined with PAN-DUR Pure Cool Door T glass sliding doors to make a round enclosure complying with the German Foodstuffs Hygiene Regulation (LMHV). Screen displays and LEDs also ensure evocative promotion of sales. The corner of the refrigerated department was designed ergonomically like an inside curve. In this way, function is combined with aesthetics in glass and light, creating an atmosphere that promotes sales.