PURE cool – Kühlmöbel-Designlinie

2014 – Innovation   |   Refrigerated cabinet housing made entirely from glass

PAN-DUR develops a completely new design

In 2014, PAN-DUR develops the PURE cool series – a completely new refrigerated cabinet design concept. The fundamental idea is for merchandise to be presented from all sides and in the best light to achieve the highest possible level of emotive sales promotion.

  • All glass constituents are frameless and built without any visually disruptive profile elements.
  • All sliding elements, guide profiles and mechanical components are installed so as to be concealed.
  • Glass edges with colored illumination can be individually matched to the product topic or shop colors.
  • Lighting in the top and base sections contributes to the impression of a light and airy refrigerated cabinet.
  •  Backlit displays in the top and base elements are used for product information.
  • The wall multidecks in the PURE cool DOOR series can be equipped with flat screens in the top element. This triggers customer attention to product information or animated theme worlds.
  • The targeted use of glass and light maximizes emotive sales promotion.
  • Energy efficiency is retained throughout the entire PURE cool series through the use of insulated tempered safety glass.