T-Rand – glasklare Verbundmasse für Isoliergläser

2015 – Innovation   |  visually transparent sealing compound for insulating glass

PAN-DUR develops a visually transparent sealing compound for manufacturing insulating glass doors with a transparent edging

With this manufacturing process, it is possible to produce multi-layer insulating glass doors with the appearance of a single pane.

  • The visually transparent sealing compound gives the appearance of a single pane for complete transparency in the composite glass.
  •  No color change in the glass composite.
  • Total transparency permits first-class presentation of merchandise and offers a visually transparent overview of the range of merchandise.
  • The new technology is being implemented in production of the latest generation of frameless rotating glass doors for wall multidecks
  • ECO DOOR D becomes ECO DOOR T with transparent edging.
  •  PURE cool DOOR T insulating glass rotating doors are also supplied with the new transparent sealing compound for transparent edging.